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Ref. Exclusiva: DPH-4-PH5
Marca: Buzon
Familia do produto: DPH
Grupo do produto: Pedestals-Plots-Stelzlager
Data de publicação: 2016-12-14
Número da edição: 1
Tipo: Object (objeto único)
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Buzon Pedestal International is the first and leading European manufacturer of adjustable pedestals for raised floorings and terraces, such as roof and landscape areas, water features, balconies, pool decks, walkways, showrooms, exhibition areas, etc.

Buzon DPH Pedestals offer uninterrupted adjustability, are 100% recyclable and are made from a co-polymer of recycled polypropylene materials.

They can be easily adjusted in height, and compensate for a fall of 5% and beyond, to create a level terrace in all directions, or a ramp for barrier-free access.
Height adjustment can be easily realized even with the load on top, and once the Buzon DPH Pedestals are set at the required height, their position can be fixed with proprietary locking keys.

  • Adjustable uninterrupted from 102 to 175mm with slope correction of 0-5%. Pre-integrated in the head of the pedestal
  • The DPH-5-PH5 is comprised of 4 components (base, head, slope corrector and adjustment ring) and 4 security locking keys to fix pedestal at the height required.
  • Co-polymer polypropylene (CPP)
  • 100% recyclable.
  • Top - diameter 155mm, surface area 188cm2
  • Base - diameter 200mm, surface area 314cm2.
  • Resistant to aging, poor weather conditions, UV light, almost all chemicals, and rot proof.
  • Suitable for use in temperatures from -30°C to +90°C.
  • Support for raised decks. Can support any type of timber decking or ceramic, stone, concrete paving or flag material, as well as fiberglass or metal grid panels.
  • Suitable for any kind of stable substrate, including applications directly over insulation panels.
  • Spacer tabs, for achieving uniform gaps between used decking material. Fixed to top of pedestal by clipping in only
  • Joist support: Supports timber, aluminum or composite joists for most decking systems.

Material principal: Polypropylene
Material secundario: Polypropylene
Projetado em: Belgium
Fabricado em: Belgium

Categoria BIMobject: Flooring - Systems
Classificação IFC: Building Element
Nome UNSPSC: Flooring
Código UNSPSC: 301617
Uniclass 1.4 Código: L83121
Uniclass 1.4 Descrição: Floor units
Uniclass 2.0 Código: SS-20-20
Uniclass 2.0 Descrição: Flooring And Decking Systems
Uniclass 2015 Código: Ss_30_42_32_30
Uniclass 2015 Descrição: External floor tiling systems
NBS Reference Código: 20-20
NBS Reference Descrição: Flooring And Decking Systems
OmniClass Número: 23-15 17 11
OmniClass Título: Flooring Specialties and Accessories
CSI UniFormat II Code: B1010
CSI UniFormat II Title: Floor Construction

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