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CSV JCI Water-Cooled Self-Contained Units, C-Series Vertical

Ref. Exclusiva: jci_csv
Marca: Johnson Controls, Inc
Familia do produto: Packaged - Indoor - Self Contained Equipment
Grupo do produto: Self Contained Units
Data de publicação: 2020-11-05
Número da edição: 1
Tipo: Object (objeto único)
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High performance designs accommodate the increased installation requirements of today’s market.

The C-Series Water-Cooled Self-Contained Units from Johnson Controls offer a complete
line of unit options for indoor installation in high- and low-rise commercial building applications. Each one features high efficiency, quality engineering and dependable operation.
Johnson Controls’ compact, low-profile indoor design protects against potential vandalism, weathering and eliminates the need for any unsightly exterior equipment. Floor-byfloor installation provides independent zone and temperature control, eliminating many
of the complications encountered with rooftop equipment. Renovation and restoration
projects are simplified where roof load, cooling tower, and construction restrictions can
present installation problems.


• Ideal for tenant change/renovation
• Protected from extreme weather conditions and vandalism
• Convenient access to all parts and service needs
• Allows independent metering/temperature control
• Compact, free-standing for increased rentable space
• Static capability to suit various installation requirements using centrifugal blowers
and adjustable pulleys

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