“With BIMsupply® Spaces we can show designers how our products can be used”

Nina Quist - 2017-08-18

The Italian company Valsir produces a wide range of products within the domain of water, supply systems, underfloor heating and flush cisterns. They make great use of the BIMobject® Cloud, where they employ BIMsupply® Spaces to show the different features of their products, and how they can be used. We had a chat with Alessandro Giovannini , Technical Director at Valsir, about BIMsupply® Spaces and what it means for their business.

When and why did you start publishing your products as BIM objects in the BIMobject® Cloud?

We have been working with BIMobject since 2016 and we decided to start the relationship for multiple reasons. At Valsir we consider BIMobject to be the best cloud solution out there for sharing BIM models; the tools offered to customers like Valsir and to final users such as designers, are very powerful.

How do you work with the platform today?

At Valsir, we are constantly updating and uploading new products in the BIMobject Cloud, because we believe that the constant improvements of the models’ characteristics and of the models’ range are key factors in our aim to offer designers the best BIM objects. BIMobject also has a very interesting dashboard, where we can manage requests from the designers, whether they are coming from the BIMobject website or our own website.

We noticed that you are using BIMsupply® Spaces in a great way, what is your experience from using Spaces?

Spaces is a very good solution for us. I allows us to show the designers what they can do with our models, how our models can be used and what the different functionalities are. Our goal is to create BIM models for all our product families, updating the offer periodically. We will definitely be uploading the new content that we are now developing in Spaces as well.

What other solutions from the BIMobject platform do you use at the moment, and how are they helping you in your business?

BIManalytics Core is definitely a smart tool. At the moment we are restructuring our whole workflow and organization in order to get an even higher benefit from it, with optimal efficiency.

What is BIMsupply® and BIMsupply® Spaces?

BIMsupply® is a cloud-based solution that will allow BIM users to create bills of materials, tenders, bids and direct orders seamlessly within a BIM project in Autodesk Revit. This solution will allow for cloud-based sharing of lists of products and materials with Building Product Manufacturers (BPMs) in order to get pricing, quotes or to place direct orders. BIMsupply is the world's first O2O (Online to Offline) solution for BIM, fully integrated with Autodesk Revit, BIMobject Cloud and the recently released cloud platform Forge from Autodesk. BIMsupply will allow business matching between BIM users and BPMs, and will be a platform where they can connect and communicate on projects, products and materials through lists and in full 3D BIM.

BIMsupply offer cloud-based 3D project spaces where designers, planners and specifiers can work simultaneously and invite any number of BPMs to join the conversation and BIM project model. No software installation is needed, it all runs in a web browser, and it is a real time 3D environment with full BIM data. The project can be explored, analysed, communicated and used to increase understanding of products, materials and configurations in context of the building design.

BIMsupply® Spaces will ultimately create a better understanding and communication between the BIM users and the BPMs of the actual products, as they are seen in the context of the building design. It significantly lowers the risk of mistakes and errors that today are common due to miscommunication in paper-based and fragmented processes.


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