Residential Face Brick  - These Brick Are Available in a Variety of Colors, Textures and Several Sizes
Endicott Clay Products Co.

Residential Face Brick - These Brick Are Available in a Variety of Colors, Textures and Several Sizes



Endicott manufactures a complete line of face brick for the residential market. These brick are available in a variety of colors, textures and several sizes.

Color Ranges

Residential face brick are available in colors ranging of Buffs, Reds, and Earthtones. See full color chart below.


These brick are available in modular and kingsize. Other sizes may be available by special order.


These brick are available in Smooth,Velour, Heritage, Sands, and Artisan textures. Other textures such as Matt (bark) may be available on special order.


Endicott face brick are manufactured to meet or exceed all the requirements and allowances set forth in ASTM C216, Grade SW, Type FBS or FBA.

Model Specification: Face Brick

The face brick shall be, (color), (texture), (size), (actual dimension) , as manufactured by Endicott Clay Products Co., Fairbury, Nebraska and distributed by (distributor). The brick shall be manufactured to meet or exceed the requirements and allowances of ASTM C216, Grade SW, Type FBS, or FBA.


See cleaning recommendation for face brick.


Following are several pictorials of completed projects that have utilized Endicott face brick.

Technical and Sales Support

Endicott products are distributed nationally and internationally through direct sales and a national network of dealers and distributors. These sales efforts are complimented with high quality product literature, samples and display aids. Technical service, test reports, and specification documentation is provided.

A complete Architectural Specification Binder is available through our dealer/distribution network or directly from our Headquarters. Included are color pictorials of outstanding projects throughout the United States as well as color photos of our various brick colors/textures.


Santa Fe Blue
Santa Fe Grey
Sedona Blue
Sedona Grey
Adobe Sands
Autumn Sands
Burgundy Sands
Copper Sands
Desert Sands
Orleans Sands
Sahara Sands
Red Heritage
Desert Heritage
Heritage #77
Heritage #46
Grey Sands
Grey Heritage
Antique #752

Note: Several of the architectural/commercial brick colors and textures are commonly used on residential projects.

Matt (bark)**
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