Conbextra EPG - Construction epoxy groutConbextra EPG - Construction epoxy grout
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Conbextra EPG - Construction epoxy grout

Conbextra EPG epoxy resin grout is designed for grouting of gaps widhts of 10-120 mm. It is supplied as a three component system consisting of epoxy base, epoxy hardener and specially graded aggregate.

The components are supplied in the correct mix proportions designed for whole pack mixing on site and no other materials should be added.


  • High flexural strength and adhesion to substrate ensures excellent performance under dynamic operating conditions.
  • Withstands attack by a wide range of chemicals.
  • High compressive, flexural and tensile strengths ensure durability and long term service life.
  • The epoxy grout shall be Conbextra EPG, a multi component resin grout conforming to the requirements of EN1504-6. Conbextra EPG should be used for gaps between 10 and 120 mm.

    The hardened grout shall have a compressive strength in excess of 85 MPa at 7 days and a flexural strength in excess of 30 MPa at 7 days.

Техническая спецификация
  • Уникальная ссылкаfosroc_conbextra-epg
  • Тип продукцииGrouts & Anchors
  • Группа продукцииResin Grouts
  • ТипСтроительные материалы
  • Дата публикации2021-06-01
  • Номер версии1
  • Основной материалЭпоксидная смола
  • Страна-производительИспания
  • Категория BIMobjectСтроительные материалы - Бетон
  • Классификация IFCМатериал
  • Название по ССКПУ ООНMortars
  • Код ССКПУ ООН30111504
  • Код Uniclass 2015Pr_20_31_53_12
  • Описание Uniclass 2015Cementitious and reaction resin grouts
  • Код CSI MasterFormat 201403 63 00
  • Заголовок CSI MasterFormat 2014Epoxy Grouting
  • Наименование OmniClassEpoxy Concrete Grouts
  • Номер OmniClass23-13 15 15 11 15
  • Код CSI UniFormat IIA10
  • Заголовок CSI UniFormat IIFOUNDATIONS

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