Nitocote CM660 - Flexible waterproofing coatingNitocote CM660 - Flexible waterproofing coatingNitocote CM660 - Flexible waterproofing coatingNitocote CM660 - Flexible waterproofing coating
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Nitocote CM660 - Flexible waterproofing coating

Nitocote CM660 is used for waterproofing water retaining structures and water excluding structures: potable water tanks, reservoirs, canals, culverts, balconies, flat roofs, wells and building refurbishment. It is approved for use in public water supply according to RD1262/2005 and RD118/2003. Nitocote CM660 is also suitable for the sealing of wind towers foundating.

Nitocote CM660 is a two-component polymer modified cementitious coating supplied in a pre-packaged form.  Nitocote CM660 is grey. It can accommodate cracks up to a width of 0,8 mm developed after the coating has cured, provided a coating of 2 mm has been applied.


  • Withstands high positive and negative hydrostatic pressures.
  • Excellent bond to concrete and masonry.
  • The product is grey which allows to be used as a final layer, as opposite to the black pitch products.
  • Waterproofs the surface shrinkage cracks.
  • Does not require the use of a primer.

Standard: EN 1504 - part 2.

It is included in the Environmental Product Declaration: Global EPD 006-020.

  • The waterproofing coating shall be Nitocote CM660, a cementitious product approved for use in contact with potable water according to "Specific migrations in the limits indicated in RD1262/2005" and "Manufactured with raw materials included in the positive lists of permitted substances for the manufacturing of plastic materials intended to be used in contact with food, according to RD 118/2003".

    The cured coating shall have the capability to resist a positive water pressure of 7 bar and a negative water pressure fo 3 bar when tested to DIn 1048.  The product shall be applied in two 1-1,5 mm thick coats to a correctly prepared substrate, in accordance with Fosroc´s written instructions.

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