Solutions for bridge repair and protection
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Solutions for bridge repair and protection

Intelligent solutions - diagnose, repair and protect

Master Builders Solutions has a comprehensive portfolio of optimal repair and protection solutions that specifically meet the challenges faced in bridge renovation, maintenance, preservation and new construction.

Our product range is supported by a global community of Master Builders Solutions experts whose expertise is built on more than 100 years of experience in the construction industry. We connect with you to deliver tailor-made solutions for the successful completion of your bridge repair and protection projects from start to finish, keeping structures sound for years to come.

From corrosion prevention and mitigation, to concrete repair and crack rehabilitation, Master Builders Solutions products are formulated to re-establish the bridge's structural integrity and aesthetics. By understanding the primary cause of the damage, we work with you to quickly restore the bridge’s full load-bearing capacity, extending the service life and strength of the concrete and its architectural elements, for a fast return to service.

By applying Master Builders Solutions protective coatings and superficial treatments, the deterioration of concrete decks from traffic erosion, water ingression, salts and freeze-thaw cycles can be resisted. These include high-performance water repellents and thin polymer overlays that chemically bond with the concrete to create an invisible defense shield.

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