Dual phase corrosion inhibitor for reinforced concrete - MasterProtect 8500 CI
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Dual phase corrosion inhibitor for reinforced concrete - MasterProtect 8500 CI

MasterProtect 8500 CI is a single component, ready to use, low viscosity , clear liquid which shows a dual-function, silane-based, surface-applied corrosion inhibitor, suitable for use as part of a corrosion prevention, protection, or inhibition strategy. Blend of high-quality silanes with an additional corrosion inhibitor, which lies dormant within the concrete until activated by moisture which penetrates the surface due to cracking or aging of the concrete. MasterProtect 8500 CI delays the initiation of corrosion and reduces active corrosion significantly, even in cracked concrete.It is particularly suited for the protection of bridge decks, piers columns and beams, multi-storey car parks, building facades and balconies and marine structures and jetties.
  • Application of single component, ready to use, dual-function corrosion inhibitor MasterProtect 8500CI from Master Builders Solutions (or similar/equivalent). To apply the product, HVLP spray equipment will be used.

    The supplier will provide evidence of performance on concrete with 0,3 mm cracks existing prior to application of product and on concrete with 0,1mm cracks appeared after application of the product.

    Minimum properties of the product:
    Active Ingredient: ≥ 98%
    Density (23ºC - DIN 51757): 0.88 kg/L
    Flash Point (EN ISO 2719): ≥ 60ºC
    VOC (EPA Method 24): ≤ 300 g/L
    Viscosity (24.6ºC – Anton Paar MCR 301): 0.82 cP
    Drying rate coefficient (EN 13579 Class I): ≥ 30%
    Absorption coefficient AR (EN 13580): ≤ 7.5%
    Absorption coefficient ARalk (EN 13580): ≤ 10% 
    Moisture vapor transmission performance (Alberta B388, type 1b): >75%
    Chloride reduction (NCHRP Report 244, Series II): >88%
    Chloride reduction (NCHRP Report 244, Series IV): >90%
    Water absorption reduction (NCHRP Report 244, Series II): >88%

Техническая спецификация
  • Уникальная ссылкаae_MasterProtect_8500_CI
  • Тип продукцииMasterProtect® - Master Builders Solutions
  • Группа продукцииSurface-Applied Corrosion Inhibitors
  • ТипОбъект (один объект)
  • Дата публикации2021-08-25
  • Номер версии1
  • Основной материалПрочее
  • Разработано вСоединенные Штаты Америки
  • Страна-производительСоединенные Штаты Америки
  • Категория BIMobjectСтроительные материалы - Защитные покрытия
  • Классификация IFCМатериал
  • Код Uniclass 1.4L68243
  • Описание Uniclass 1.4Corrosion prevention paints
  • Код Uniclass 2.0PR-55-98-15
  • Описание Uniclass 2.0Corrosion Inhibitor Chemicals
  • Код Uniclass 2015Pr_60_55_96_15
  • Описание Uniclass 2015Corrosion inhibitor chemicals
  • Код CSI MasterFormat 201440 46 42
  • Заголовок CSI MasterFormat 2014Cathodic Process Corrosion Protection
  • Номер OmniClass23-15 21 13 11

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