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MasterFlow 9300
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MasterFlow 9300

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MasterFlow 9300 is a shrinkage compensated, cement based grout which when mixed with water, produces a homogeneous, flowable and pumpable grout with exceptionally high early and final strength and modulus. The product contains special metallic aggregates for increased ductility, fatigue and impact resistance. Latest best binder packing models and applied nanotechnology produces a grout with superior technical performance, exceptional rheological properties, and, uniquely, extended open times.
  • • Ultra high compressive strength >120 MPa. • Ultra high modulus for exceptional stiffening properties. • Excellent fatigue resistance. • Quick return to service and removal of temporary supports due to high early strength build-up. ≥ 60 MPa @ 24hrs at 20°C • No segregation or bleeding to ensure consistent final physical performance and to prevent pump blockages. • Contains metallic aggregates to provide increased resistance to dynamic and repetitive loading • Pump able over long distances and large heights. • Extended pot life of ≥ 2 hours • Can be pumped into complex areas or areas inaccessible to conventional grouting methods • Specially graded sands and exceptional flow and low friction increases pump output, reduces installation times and costs as well as reducing pump pressures and wear • Dust reduced for ease of handling • Cement based. • Low chromate.
Техническая спецификация
  • Уникальная ссылкаMasterFlow_9300
  • Тип продукцииMasterFlow® - Master Builders Solutions
  • Группа продукцииCementitious Grouts
  • ТипСтроительные материалы
  • Дата публикации2022-06-21
  • Номер версии1
  • Основной материалCementitious
  • Категория BIMobjectСтроительные материалы - Бетон
  • Классификация IFCМатериал
  • Код Uniclass 2015Pr_20_31_53_13
  • Описание Uniclass 2015Cementitious grouts
  • Код CSI MasterFormat 201403 61 00
  • Заголовок CSI MasterFormat 2014Cementitious Grouting
  • Номер OmniClass23-13 15 15
  • Наименование OmniClassGrouts

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