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ARMANI - BAIA Freestanding bathtub

Уникальная ссылка: A248449xx0
Брэнд: Roca
Тип продукции: Baia
Группа продукции: Bathtubs
Ширина (мм): 800
Высота (мм): 650
Дата публикации: 2021-03-02
Номер версии: 1
Тип: Объект (один объект)
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The retro look of this freestanding bath is updated with a contemporary, ergonomic design. The focal point of any bathroom, it adds a further touch of elegance to a suite that is the epitome of luxury. The bath is manufactured in Roca's exclusive material, Surfex®, which allows seamless units to be created in shapes that are unachievable in other materials and produces a soft, anti-slip, matte texture that is pleasant to the touch.
The selection of resins and minerals in its composition also provide superlative resistance to impacts, abrasive chemicals and ultra-violet light, ensuring the unit retains its original colour and condition over time. Moreover, Surfex® provides superlative thermal resistance for greater energy efficiency in your home.

Основной материал: Surfex
Вспомогательный материал: Surfex
Разработано в: Spain
Страна-производитель: Spain
Масса нетто (кг): 153

Категория BIMobject: Сантехника - Ванная и гидромассаж
Классификация IFC: Sanitary Terminal
Название по ССКПУ ООН: Bathtubs
Код ССКПУ ООН: 30181501
Uniclass 2015 Код: Pr_40_20_06_08
Uniclass 2015 Описание: Baths
NBS Reference Код: 35-06-08
NBS Reference Описание: Baths
CSI MasterFormat 2014 Code: 22 41 19
CSI MasterFormat 2014 Title: Residential Bathtubs
Номер OmniClass: 23-31 15 00
Наименование OmniClass: Bathtubs
CSI UniFormat II Code: D2010
CSI UniFormat II Title: Plumbing Fixtures