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Dimension Series® Formawall® Steel Exterior Wall Panels

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Familja e produktit: Walls
Grupi i produkteve: Metal Wall Cladding Panels
Data e publikimit: 2016-08-04
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Dimension Series® Formawall® Panels
Dimension Series wall system provides unprecedented design flexibility and so much more. These sturdy steel panels, with a factory foam-insulated core, come in an array of interchangeable profiles, thicknesses and reveals, to give your designs virtually unlimited combinations of articulations, shadows and sight lines. Plus, Dimension Series panels can be installed either vertically or horizontally and are frequently curved or used to create sharp corners, or beam and column wraps.

Design Options
Now CENTRIA has expanded your options even further with Dimension Series' new integrated C/S Louvers, C/S Sunshades, Formavue Windows, and Patterned Stainless Steel finishes. And for those who prefer the look of precast our new Duracast finish will dazzle you. Explore all of Dimension Series' options and you'll discover why it's simply the most versatile building system available. See the “Dimension Series Design Options” Profiles #4 and 5 for more information.

Dimension Series® Formawall® Steel Exterior Wall Panels Specifications:

  • Rainscreen, pressure-equalized and drainable joinery, ½” nom. joint
  • Double tongue-and-groove, 1/8” nom. joint
  • Horizontal (FWDS-H) and vertical (FWDS-V) designs available 
  • A variety of reveal, thickness and profile configurations are available, providing design flexibility and options for exterior walls 
  • Concealed clips and fasteners plus dry gaskets and concealed sealants provide a clean, uninterrupted appearance while minimizing exterior dirt streaking and staining 
  • Factory foamed for dependable thermal performance 
  • Profiled and flat panels integrate with CENTRIA Formavue® window systems, and most glass wall and window systems
  • Rainscreen Principle horizontal joinery provides superior weather resistance 
  • Pressure equalization achieved through vents along the horizontal panel length
  • Factory-formed sheet metal flashing or extruded aluminum trim available 
  • Can be easily curved or formed 
  • Panel mitering permits clean, sharp corners, beam and column wraps 
  • Trimless ends 
  • Thermal break between face and liner 
  • Lightweight - easy to handle and install; less framing required 
  • Stainless, striated, smooth and embossed surface treatments available 

Dimension Series® Formawall® Steel Exterior Wall Panels Description:

  • Metal
    • Standard - 22/26, 22/22 gage 
      • Optional gages available, consult CENTRIA 
      • G-90 galvanized steel; optional stainless steel, consult CENTRIA 
  • Surface Finish
    • Exterior - Non-directional embossing, smooth or striated 
    • Interior (liner) - Directional embossing, planked if 22 gage or lighter 
    • Standard PVDF finish, other finishes available, consult CENTRIA
  • Joinery (with concealed fasteners)
    • Vertical - Double tongue-and-groove 
    • Horizontal - Rainscreen Principle Panel Width 
    • Standard - 24", 30", 36" 
    • Custom - 10" to 40" 
  • Panel Length
    • Smooth – 16' max.
    • Embossed Striated – 37' max.
    • Embossed – 37' max
    • Smooth Striated – 20' max.
    • Duracast – 28' max.
  • Panel Depth
    • 2", 3" nominal 
  • "R" Value
    • 2" Depth with ½" reveal - R14.5 
    • 2" Depth with 6" reveal – R13.5
    • 3" Depth with ½" reveal – R18.0
    • 3" Depth with 6" reveal – R18.4
  • Research Reports
    • ICBO PFC-3232
  • Fire Tests 
    • Omega Point Tunnel Test, ASTM E84 
    • Flame Spread = 25 max. 
    • Smoke Developed = 450 max. 
    • UL Room Corner Test, UL 1715 
    • Factory Mutual Approval: FM 4880; 50' High Large Scale Corner Test for Unlimited Height Approval for Walls, Roofs and Ceilings 
    • SwRI: ASTM E108 Fire Test 
    • SwRI: Multistory Fire Test, UBC 26-9
    • ASTM D1929; BTU Content Test 
    • ASTM D 1928; Ignition Properties 
    • UL Fire Wall Designs: 1 hr., 2 hr., 3 hr., U017,U617, U040, U645, U605 
    • CENTRIA Formawall Dimension Series panels have been tested in accordance with requirements of BOCA National Building and ICBO Uniform Building Codes. Contact CENTRIA for more information.
  • Special Approvals
    • City of Los Angeles 
    • New York City, MEA 64-95-M 
    • Dade County (Missile Impact Resistance) 
      • Consult CENTRIA for test reports

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