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SC-WPC-D N-Series Wallplate Controller

Unique ref.: amx-00185
Tillverkare: AMX
Produktfamilj: Electrical
Produktgrupp: General Purpose Controls
Datum för publicering: 2016-09-16
Versionsnummer: 1
Typ: Objekt (enstaka objekt)
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Wall Controllers are stand-alone, dual-gang IP controllers that send commands to multiple IP clients with the push of a button. N-Series Controllers have nine programmable tactile buttons with a 240 x 320 display. Programming is done individually through the built-in web-server or collectively to multiple units using N-Command Control Appliances. Multi-page custom graphics can be created using Panel Builder software, stored internally, and launched at start-up or at the push of a button. The SC-TC-D comes with a capacitive touch display and built-in WiFi and Bluetooth for expanding control to mobile devices.


  • Cost Effective - Low cost of installation
  • Multiple Commands - Sent to multiple TCP/IP clients
  • PoE - Robust Power over Ethernet (PoE) reliability and redundancy
  • Energy Efficient - Standard PoE consumption
  • EU Compliance - Supports both US and European wiring standards

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BIMobject kategori: Elektricitet - kontroller
IFC-klassifikation: Electric Distribution
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