8 Reveal - Triple Coated Panels

8 Reveal - Triple Coated Panels

The CERACLAD Fiber Cement Siding with Triple Coating Technology maintains the original vibrant Factory-finish color with our UV Blocking Ceramic Coating, while our Photocatalytic Coating provides 365 days of self-cleaning.

Developed for use in commercial and residential buildings, the system consists of Triple Coated siding panels and innovative mounting clips and accessories that are manufactured and designed for durability, flexibility, and ease of installation.

Our exclusive technology combines a durable weather-resistant exterior with an internal ventilation layer that allows moisture to escape. Consisting of approximately 45% recycled material, the panels are 100% recyclable, factory-finished with no VOC, and contain no asbestos.CERACLAD’s inorganic Ceramic Coating has excellent UV blocking properties to protect the Factory-finish colored layer from ultraviolet rays and minimize fading of the outer wall, which comes with a 20-year Fade Limited Warranty. Photocatalytic Coating provides Self-cleaning 365 days a year.

This technology is exclusive to CERACLAD and lowers construction costs, significantly reduces maintenance costs, expands the life expectancy of the building envelope, and creates market differentiation for sustainability and value

  • Type: Solid-Core 

    Application Method: Vertical, Horizontal

    Coating Options: Triple Coat (15 colors)

    Joint Type: T-Joint (Caulk-Free), Caulk Joint, Trim Joint

    Dimensions : W: 18" (455mm) x L: 10' (3030mm) x T: 5/8" (16mm)


    Weight: 55lb (25kg) 

Teknisk specifikation
  • Unik ref.8reveal
  • ProduktfamiljCERACLAD Siding Panels
  • ProduktgruppStandard Design
  • TypObjekt (enstaka objekt)
  • Publiceringsdatum2019-10-23
  • Edition nummer1
  • Höjd (mm)3030
  • Bredd (mm)455
  • Djup (mm)16
  • HuvudmaterialFibercement
  • Designad iJapan
  • Tillverkad iJapan
  • Vikt netto (kg)21
  • BIMobjektkategoriVäggar - Fasadbeklädnad
  • IFC klassificeringBeläggning
  • UNSPSC namnPanels or paneling
  • UNSPSC kod30161505
  • Uniclass 2015 kodSs_25_20_14
  • Uniclass 2015 beskrivningComposite panel cladding systems
  • CSI MasterFormat 2014 Kod07 46 46
  • CSI MasterFormat 2014 TitelFiber-Cement Siding
  • OmniClass nummer23-15 13 19 17
  • OmniClass TitelComposite Wall Panels
  • CSI UniFormat II KodB20

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