Orixe outdoor furniture collection
Orixe outdoor furniture collection
Orixe outdoor furniture collection
Orixe outdoor furniture collection

    Orixe outdoor furniture collection

    Thanks to the fact that Orixe has been designed with a set of industrialized components, the system has great flexibility, versatility, and the ability to adapt to all types of outdoor projects.

    Orixe can be used in shopping centers, both outdoors and in interior corridors, in coworking terraces, in common areas within residential spaces, hotels, corporate offices, coliving, or agritourism. These are just some examples of types of projects where Orixe can have a place.

    Orixe is made with three main materials: bleached concrete, powder-coated steel, and Elondo or Thermopine pine wood.

    The color point is provided by the lacquer, with a light beige tone, to create neutral spaces, and a grayish-green tone, recalling the groves and the combination of wood and vegetation. The concrete has a marble-like finish with a whitish tone that gives warmth and naturalness to the material.

    The wooden slats are available in Elondo wood, a certified hardwood, ideal for its resistance and durability characteristics for outdoor spaces. It can also be made of Thermopine heat-treated pine.

    • Outdoor furniture to create expressive, timeless, unique spaces with great personality and elegance. (Slightly larger subtitle)

      At Savia, we work on the continuous innovation of our products and services, and we are committed to new developments in collaboration with other industries, firms, architects, and designers.

      The outdoor furniture offered by Savia aims to create cozy spaces with personality, always accompanied by the elegant design offered by each collection, using wood as the main material, providing solutions to the emerging needs of modern life.

      These are decorative elements with the capacity to adapt to all types of exterior projects, hallways, or very large interior spaces such as shopping centers, coworking spaces, residential common areas, hotels, restaurants, terraces, corporate offices, colivings or boutiques agrotourism, among others.

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    • Unik ref.orixe-outdoor-furniture-collection
    • ProduktfamiljSavia - Pine wood by Finsa
    • ProduktgruppOrixe
    • TypMontering (flera objekt)
    • Publiceringsdatum2024-01-03
    • Edition nummer1
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