Membrane is a acoustic room divider designed by David Trubridge. The room divider consists of smaller acoustic panels which together creates a modular system with two inspiring finished patterns. Membrane absorbs and diffuses the sound at the same time as it’s letting through light and which creates a unique expression.

    “This dividing screen, was commissioned exclusively by Offecct for their ambitious acoustic control line. It can be used to semi-divide spaces and can also be placed against a wall in order absorbs and diffuses the sound. Of course in addition to its strong acoustic control function, it also has a decorative element and can be assembled in various shapes and patterns. An interesting architectonic quality is added in that it is easy to light, creating layers of shadows. My inspiration, as usual, is nature, from where I draw most of my patterns. I love to go out on hikes and sleep under a tree for a few days, and it’s nice to bring a bit of the forest in to the indoor environment. Membrane is made from polyester fiber produced from recycled water bottles. We conduct a great deal of life circle research of our own and this material is actually environmentally smarter than natural wool, for example, as the sourcing of wool is very polluting.” /David Trubridge

    • Acoustic panel of recycled moulded polyester fiber in offwhite. Assembled in ceiling to reduce sound or as a room divider. Membrane absorbs and diffuses the sound and makes the sound in a room more balanced. One kit consists of 24 acoustic pieces incl. white coupling clips. The acoustic room divider can be assembled in two different patterns.

    Teknisk specifikation
    • Unik ref.membrane
    • ProduktfamiljOFFECCT
    • Produktgruppmembrane
    • TypObjekt (enstaka objekt)
    • Publiceringsdatum2022-06-27
    • Edition nummer1
    • Höjd (mm)350
    • Bredd (mm)350
    • Djup (mm)110
    • HuvudmaterialPolyesterharts
    • Sekundärt materialFiberpäls
    • Designad iSverige
    • Tillverkad iPolen
    • Vikt netto (kg)1
    • BIMobjektkategoriByggnadsmaterial - Akustik & tillbehör
    • IFC klassificeringMöbler
    • ETIM kodEG017960
    • ETIM namnFurniture