Soundwave Luna, Acoustic panel
Soundwave Luna, Acoustic panel

    Soundwave Luna, Acoustic panel

    Soundwave Luna is designed by Teppo Asikainen. Luna is one of the first acoustic panels in the successful Soundwave series. Its designed to absorb sound in the lower frequencies.

    • Soundwave Luna is a heavyweight broadband absorber with extended efficiency in the low frequency range (150 Hz-500 Hz). This panel is very efficient in reducing the reverberation time (sound ‘’bouncing around”) in a room. This means that disturbing background noise will be reduced and voice intelligibility will be greatly improved. Recyclable moulded polyester fiber, with plastic back plate, in offwhite and grey.

    Teknisk specifikation
    • Unik ref.soundwave-luna-acoustic-panel
    • ProduktfamiljOFFECCT
    • ProduktgruppSoundwave, Acoustic Panel
    • TypObjekt (enstaka objekt)
    • Publiceringsdatum2022-06-27
    • Edition nummer1
    • Höjd (mm)585
    • Bredd (mm)585
    • Djup (mm)80
    • HuvudmaterialPolyesterharts
    • Sekundärt materialFiberpäls
    • Designad iSverige
    • Tillverkad iPolen
    • Vikt netto (kg)1.2
    • BIMobjektkategoriByggnadsmaterial - Akustik & tillbehör
    • IFC klassificeringMöbler
    • ETIM kodEG017960
    • ETIM namnFurniture