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Stoa is a new wall or ceiling light for interior and exterior use. In the conception of Stoa, Arkitema Architects have attempted to create a luminaire with a large diffusion area and the best possible lighting properties. Formed as a double parabola, Stoa conforms to the lighting standards of stairways and corridors. However, with its simple, yet characteristic form, Stoa will be suitable for many applications. It can be used alone on wall or ceiling or in series with decorative effects. Stoa means colonnade and derives from ancient Greek architecture where extended, roofed stoas with columns along the front and walls at the back were characteristic for the marketplaces of every large city. Available in Black or white. Available with Fluorescent, HF 22 W or LED. Design: Arkitekterna
Teknisk specifikation
  • Unik ref.5703646483217
  • SamlingsuppsättningIndoor
  • KollektionWall
  • TypObjekt (enstaka objekt)
  • Publiceringsdatum2012-05-28
  • Edition nummer2
  • Höjd (mm)320
  • Bredd (mm)320
  • Djup (mm)82
  • HuvudmaterialMetall
  • Sekundärt materialPolykarbonat
  • Designad iDanmark
  • Tillverkad iDanmark
  • Vikt netto (kg)2.4
  • BIMobjektkategoriBelysning - Väggarmaturer
  • IFC klassificeringLamparmatur

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