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BECCO Bollard

Unique ref.: 570364678023
Tillverkare: Focus Lighting
Produktfamilj: Outdoor
Produktgrupp: Bollards
Höjd (mm): 970
Datum för publicering: 2014-05-14
Versionsnummer: 2
Typ: Objekt (enstaka objekt)
Becco is a rotation symmetrical bollard, born with LED. Many necessary LED components are integrated parts of the luminaire design. The heat sink forms a characteristic connection between the bollard and the lantern and it is the base of the LED module as well. The light source is not visible, and the indirect, non-glaring light is spread by means of the arched roof plate.

The screen is cast in long-life polycarbonate with outer and inner layer of acrylate, which makes it extremely UV resistant. The luminaire is made of aluminium, and the bollard of hot-dipped galvanised steel. Standard colours are black, graphite or silver grey. The bollard can be supplied witout coating.

Driver and OCP to be mounted in the bollard.

Huvudmaterial: Acrylate
Sekundärt material: Acrylate
Designad i: Denmark
Tillverkad i: Denmark

BIMobject kategori: Belysning - Utomhusarmaturer
IFC-klassifikation: Light Fixture
UNSPSC-namn: Lighting Fixtures and Accessories
UNSPSC-kod: 3911
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