OptiStile 700 Optical Turnstile

OptiStile 700 Optical Turnstile

Non-Barrier Optical Turnstile

The OptiStile 700 utitlizes a combination of stainless steel and glass materials, offering an ultra-modern design. The OptiStile 700 can be placed in tight spaces or extended lobbies where speed of throughput, security, and design are required.

Designed and built in the USA, the OptiStile 700 can be installed as a single ADA compliant lane or in combination with multiple lanes placed in parallel.

With the integration of a touchscreen or pushbutton controller, remote locations are provided with everything needed to fully tailor, control, and optimize the OptiStile to meet their specific site requirements.

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    Unit Dimensions 

    Casework Length: 48.0″

    Casework Height: 39.37″

    Casework Width: 6.50″

    Walkway Width Standard: 28.0″

    Walkway Width ADA: 36.0″


    Pedestal: #4 horizontal grained stainless steel external cladding with temperedglass mid-section and fully integrated steel frame

    Pedestal Lid: #4 grained stainless steel

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  • Publiceringsdatum2021-06-23
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