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External Exhaust Silencer

Unique ref.: kps-018
Tillverkare: Kohler Power Systems
Produktfamilj: Air Duct Accessories
Produktgrupp: Silencers and Exhaust Systems
Datum för publicering: 2014-11-19
Versionsnummer: 1
Typ: Objekt (enstaka objekt)
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Model Number - 354871, 354873, 361658, 361659, GM30323, GM30568, GM48836, 354924, 354926, 354931, 361654, 361655, GM30324, GM30569

Kohler Co. offers silencers rated for hospital, critical,residential, and industrial applications and stainless steel flexible exhaust connectors for unhoused generator sets. The accessories described in this spec sheet apply to open units unless otherwise stated. These silencers withstand exhaust flow pressure and temperature without creating excessive engine backpressure.


Critical SilencersPart NumberDescriptionGenerator3548718" SIEO500REOZJB, 700REOZDE, 800REOZDE, 900REOZDE, 1000REOZDE35487310" SIEO500REOZVC, 550REOZVB, 600REOZVB, 700REOZDE, 800REOZDE36165814" SIEO1250REOZMD, 1250REOZDD, 1500REOZDD36165914" SI, 16"EO1600REOZMD, 1750REOZDD, 1750REOZMD, 2000REOZDD   GM3032320" SIEO2500REOZDB, 2800REOZDB, 3250REOZDGM3056818" SIEO3250REOZDGM4883614"SI 18"EO2250REOZDD, 2000REOZMD


Hospital SilencersPart NumberDescriptionGenerator3549248" SIEO700REOZDE, 800REOZDE, 900REOZDE, 1000REOZDE35492610" SIEO500REOZVC, 550REOZVB, 600REOZVB, 700REOZDE, 800REOZDE35493112" SIEO900REOZDE, 1000REOZDE36165414"SI, 16" EO1250REOZMD, 1250REOZDD, 1500REOZDD, 1600REOZMD, 1750REOZDD36165514"SI, 18" EO1750REOZMD, 2000REOZDD, 2250REOZDD, 2000REOZMD   GM3032420" SIEO2500REOZDB, 2800REOZDB, 3250REOZDGM3056918" SIEO3250REOZD

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Designad i: United States
Tillverkad i: United States

BIMobject kategori: VVS - Kanalsystem
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