From offline to online

Nina Quist - 2017-05-29

"Embracing the opportunities that digitalization offers will be key for the leaders of tomorrow"

We are proud to welcome Dr. Jochen Fabritius, CEO of the Xella Group, as one of the speakers at BIMobject LIVe 2017 in Malmö, Sweden, October 10-11. Dr. Fabritius is convinced that the building materials industry will change drastically over the next few years and that embracing the opportunities that digitalization offers will be key for the leaders of tomorrow. He will share his perspective on the digitalization of building materials and how he is transforming Xella.

With a PhD in Civil Engineering and a diploma in Business Administration, Dr. Fabritius combines in-depth technical knowledge with a management perspective and is no stranger to the challenge of leading companies through transformative changes. Before joining the Xella Group, he supported many such transformations as a partner at McKinsey, where he focused on construction materials and operations. Dr. Fabritius has a background that leaves him uniquely suited for today’s business climate.

– I’m an engineer by training, but I have also worked in management consulting for many years, where transforming companies was my day-to-day job.

Today, the principal focus for transformation at Xella Group is the same as it is for the rest of the industry - it’s all about digitalization. Dr. Fabritius notes that the building industry finds itself at a challenging but highly interesting point in its history.

– We are at a crucial crossroads, the intersection where old-school building products meet the digital age. Luckily, at Xella, we are at home in both worlds and can use this as a competitive weapon.

In his talk, Dr. Fabritius will provide a glimpse into the growing role of digitalization in the industry and how online and offline can go hand-in-hand to optimally support architects, planners, building companies, and merchants. He will elaborate on how to implement an effective digitalization strategy and why it’s so important for building product manufacturers to step forward and play an active role earlier in the planning processes.

– We all need new and effective methods for bridging the gap between online and offline and for taking advantage of digital opportunities. is the perfect platform for doing that.

As for the ongoing transformation of the Xella Group, Dr. Fabritius says that the company is already reaping rewards from the changes they have been implementing.

– Of course, any transformation is going to require some time and effort in the beginning. But once the new processes are up and running, it makes everything easier and better.


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