The BIMobject® Team - Thank You!

Natalie Nilsson - 2013-09-20

A big thank you to all of those who attended the BIMobject LIVe Worldwide Business Conference 13th of Sept in Malmö, Sweden.

The BIMobject LIVe Worldwide Business Conference was a great success, as well as the broadcast live online.

To see images from the event, visit our Flickr page:

The broadcast will be available at our YouTube channel in the next couple of days:

If any questions regarding the BIMobject LIVe Worldwide Business Conference, contact, Alexandra Dornérus Marketing Manager at BIMobject HQ.

Thank you for joining us, hope to see you the next time!

About BIMobject AB:

BIMobject® is a game changer for the construction industry worldwide with its cloud based Portal offering development, maintenance and syndication of digital replicas – BIM objects – of manufactured building and interior products.

The marketing and pre-sales services associated with the Portal are channelled and integrated, through specialised software, into CAD/BIM applications to create a business-to-business communication across the globe.

Manufacturers use BIMobject® to promote and deliver their products directly into BIM processes enabling their products to be selected and generate a real improvement in sales.

BIMobject® - Winner in the Red Herring Top 100 Europe Award 2013!


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