Talk Table LampTalk Table LampTalk Table Lamp
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Talk Table Lamp

Talk is an ingeniously designed series of lamps with a shape that is reminiscent of a flashlight. Exclusive detailing adds genuine style to the lamp’s otherwise light-hearted expression. Available in models suitable for a variety of different applications, this is a series with lots of character that has already proved to be a popular favourite. Talk was created by Marge Arkitekter as part of an interior design commission for the Rica Talk Hotel. ”The idea for the lamp arose from the need for a bedside lamp in the hotel rooms. We were clear in our own minds about exactly what we needed, but we couldn’t find what we wanted in the market. So we decided to design Talk ourselves,” says Katarina Grundsell of Marge Arkitekter.  The torch-like design is a way of telling the user that the on/off switch is found on the top of the lamp. Stitched leather trim around the rim of the shade adds a highly distinctive design touch and makes the lamp easy to hold while adjusting the angle of the beam. Talk wall lamp is also available in a version that can be integrated into the headboard of a bed by placing the actuator on a transformer plate fitted to the rear of the headboard. The cable is then fed through a drilled hole before the lamp and the thin plate holding it in place are fitted to the headboard. It is a simple, smart solution that produces a sleek and attractive result. Talk wall lamp has an angle-adjustable shade and a distinctive personality that is visible without being dominant.
  • Design Marge Arkitekter Electrical data Class II IP20 230V Description Adjustable shade with brown leather ring. Switch on lamp head Connection 2 m black cord with schuko plug Light source 1x4,6W GU10 LED included
Teknisk specifikation
  • Unik ref.Talk-Table-Lamp
  • SamlingsuppsättningTalk
  • KollektionTable lamp
  • TypObjekt (enstaka objekt)
  • Publiceringsdatum2018-12-17
  • Edition nummer1
  • HuvudmaterialMetall
  • Sekundärt materialLäder
  • Designad iSverige
  • Tillverkad iSverige
  • BIMobjektkategoriBelysning - Skrivbord och Bord
  • IFC klassificeringLampa
  • UNSPSC namnLamps and lightbulbs
  • UNSPSC kod391016
  • Uniclass 2015 kodPr_70_70_46
  • Uniclass 2015 beskrivningLamps
  • CSI MasterFormat 2014 Kod12 43 13
  • CSI MasterFormat 2014 TitelLamps
  • OmniClass TitelLamps
  • OmniClass nummer23-35 45 15
  • CSI UniFormat II KodD50
  • CSI UniFormat II TitelELECTRICAL

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