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The BIMobject® Press room

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  • Month: January 2017
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    Download the latest manufacturer-specific BIM objects - Free of charge

    Here you can see new product launches on the BIMobject® Cloud, keep up with the latest technical announcements and get updated information about the BIM universe and upcoming events.

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    Flertalet nya BIM-objekt att ladda ner till ditt projekt!

    Här hittar du ny information om produktlanseringar på BIMobject® Cloud, tekniska beskrivningar av BIM-objekt, senaste nyheterna från BIM-industrin samt kommande evenemang som BIMobject involverar sig i.

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    Download BIM objects from Jansen

    Doors and windows are a sign of openness and let in light and air. But they also provide protection against adverse influences from the outside. Jansen has constructed doors and windows taking into account specific requirements for thermal and sound insulation and for intruder and bullet resistance. The company's highly thermally insulated door and window systems are illustrated in the BIMobject Cloud.

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