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Volet Roulant Traditionnel Presto Solaire Pour Coffre Menuisé Bois

Unique ref.: PSMB
Tillverkare: PROFALUX
Produktfamilj: Volets Roulants Traditionnels sans Caisson
Produktgrupp: Presto
Datum för publicering: 2020-09-13
Versionsnummer: 1
Typ: Objekt (enstaka objekt)
Ladda ned (16)

Find in the section « Download » every usefull informations for your project : technical drawings, data sheet, notice, downloading procedure of the « Vent & Volet » mobile app, argumentary of the connected general remote control Calyps’HOME®.

Presto Solaire" roller shutter specially adapted to wooden carpentry boxes

• Cheek with return for fixing the underside and motor support for dismantling underneath
• Natural power supply without wires to be pulled
• At the same time heat shield, defence against intrusions and solar protection to improve the comfort of the home
• Remote solar panel, recharges even in cloudy weather and works 15 days without sun
• For safety : Automatic Anti-Rise device from outside, slides and final blade made of high-strength extruded aluminum
• Exclusive Enduro chassis tested 14,000 cycles (40 years of operation with one up and down/day)
• Automatic Locking Device (DVA) developed by Profalux
• Reduced space requirement : the winding does not extend beyond the cheek.
• Self-supporting system, supported on the slides
• An aluminum axle support cheek with a section of less than 133 mm for windows and 156 mm for French doors
• With or without side reservation in a wooden box
• Laying in external and internal coils
• Simplified metering, quick assembly, easy installation
• Wide choice of colors: apron to choose from the manufacturer's range. Box, runner and final slat at your choice in the manufacturer's range, in the RAL or Futura range

To know : Exists in solar version - Compatible with a connected remote control Calyps'HOME (sold as an option) to close the shutters at the same time with a single button, even remotely, also compatible with the BMS (Building Management System).

Fitting in WOODEN BOX (inside winding)
Also possible in Wood Frame Houses

Technical specifications
Find all the technical product information in the technical data sheet available in "Download"

Product NF

Remote solar panel :
510 X 80 X 50 mm

Aluminium blades :
- PX39 = curved blade 39 mm Alu double-wall profile with CFC-free polyurethane foam

- PX39 Thermo-Reflex™ = 39 mm curved slat Double-walled aluminum profile with polyurethane foam with Thermo-Reflex™ winter special thermal lacquer to preserve the interior color

Manoeuvres that can be done :
Radio (Profalux engine only)

Backstage :
C48 - C62 (depending on configuration)

Minimum Limits :
Profalux Electric Motor without backup
- LDC * mini = 530 mm
- HSL* mini = 400 mm

Limits of use for Alu slats
- LDC * mini = 3000 mm
- HSL* mini = 2450 mm

Cheek Section :
According to dimensions - download the technical data sheet

Wind resistance V*3 or V*5 according to blades and / or dimensions

Please note : The mobile app « Vente & Volet » allows you to calculate in a few clicks the wind resistance class your rolling shutters, BSO or vertical stores may respect. For your project according to the DTU 34.4

* LDC = Width of the back of the slides
* HSL = Height Under Lintel

Huvudmaterial: Aluminium
Sekundärt material:
Designad i: France
Tillverkad i: France

BIMobject kategori: Dörrar - Persienner
IFC-klassifikation: Window
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