Linoleum Conductive xf² (2.5mm)

Linoleum Conductive xf² (2.5mm)

A safe and sustainable linoleum flooring designed for stable and reliable conductive control. Ideal for areas like server and computer rooms, laboratories and around electronic equipment. One of the most sustainable flooring solutions on the market, our linoleum is made with up to 97% of natural raw materials. It is treated with our unique xf² surface protection for extreme durability, easy cleaning and cost-effective maintenance.

    • Stable conductivity performance R ≤ 106Ω
    • Timeless marbled pattern
    • Recyclable post-use
    • Exclusive xf² surface treatment for excellent durability and chemical resistance
Teknisk specifikation
  • Unik ref.tarkett-linoleum-conductive-xf2-2-5mm
  • ProduktfamiljTARKETT
  • ProduktgruppFlooring - Linoleum
  • TypObjekt (enstaka objekt)
  • Publiceringsdatum2023-07-20
  • Edition nummer1
  • HuvudmaterialVinyl
  • Designad iItalien
  • BIMobjektkategoriGolv - Linoleum
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  • Uniclass 2015 kodSs_30_42
  • Uniclass 2015 beskrivningFloor covering and finishing systems
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  • CSI MasterFormat 2014 TitelLinoleum Flooring
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  • OmniClass TitelFloor Coverings