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    VP-MODULO® is a patented system of Verde Profilo®, designed to make the installation of vertical gardens easier and reducing costs and lead time. The minimal substructure is made up of profiles designed to accommodate interlocking clips to support modules, all securely anchored to the wall by means of stainless steel brackets and dowels, which depending on the customer's requirements may be standard or chemical.The module is conceived to accommodate the botanical species, planted in a special substrate. The module is costituited by EPP a special material that ensures greater safety to the roots, protecting them from temperature changes, allowing greater longevity to the plants and therefore a lower maintenance over time.
    Once the garden is set up, you will not have to do anything else; an irrigation system, adjusted to the real needs of the garden, irrigates the green wall, and a maintenance contract will safeguard the survival of the vertical green.


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