Collection Futura 2022-2025

Interpon has a proud history of helping architects bring their creations to life through colors and finishes that will inspire and endure, to imagine a new and exciting future. The Futura Collection has been a favorite with architects for more than 20 years since the first collection appeared in 2000, although some of the colors date back even further to 1991.

This neutral palette forms the backbone of the collection and is constantly updated by AkzoNobel’s trend researchers and color specialists to make sure it is completely up to date with contemporary architectural design. This history, as well as the forecasting by our market-leading design and research teams, has led to a new Futura Collection, providing modern buildings with a range of wonderful colors and beautiful finishes to deliver an aura of wonder and energy.

Because Futura is so much more than simply a collection of exciting colors. Through its three new color palettes - Merging Worlds, Healing Nature, and Soft Abstraction - Futura reminds us of our connection to the natural beauty that surrounds us, enveloping us in a warm and comforting blanket of calm, safe in the knowledge that our creations, and our world, are now better protected.

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Futura meets the demanding weathering requirements of the leading industry specifications.

Qualicoat class 2, GSB Master, and AAMA 2604, as well as BS EN 12206.

Collection Futura 2022-2025 is covered by AkzoNobel Powder Coatings Global Gold Warranty (subject to conditions).

Caution about the colors on the screen:

We have tried to make the colors and finishes to the screen as close as possible to our products. However, we cannot guarantee an exact match of colors and finishes, images and information contained on this website are not contractually binding. The representation of colors, gloss levels, metallic effects and textures are limited by technology and vary from screens and printers calibration parameters.

Regarding the application of our products, please consult our technical documentation or contact your local AkzoNobel representative.

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