BIMobject releases major update to its content creation solution BIMscript®

Louise Otto - 2018-01-25

BIMobject launches significant updates to BIMscript®, a solution for creating digital building products. The updates offer a new level of flexibility and features that open up the solution for advanced product configuration for more product categories, including a larger scope of products with complex parametrics, as well as the entire sector of windows and doors.

BIMobject’s solution BIMscript® lets users create their own digital building products, also referred to as BIM objects. Users can generate parametric, native BIM objects in a number of commonly used formats for industry-leading BIM applications such as Autodesk Revit, AutoCAD, 3DS, Graphisoft ARCHICAD, and Trimble SketchUp, as well as AR and VR formats. These BIM objects are then hosted on the platform BIMobject® Cloud, which serves as a Single Source of Truth for its over 650,000 professional registered users and more than 1,000 represented brands.

Compared to previous versions of the solution, the updated features vastly increase the number of product categories that can be created. These now include windows, doors, and customisable products. The user can define the desired parameters freely, instead of having to choose between a limited number of preset options as was the case in the earlier version.

“BIMscript is now a stable scripting language with thousands of developed BIM objects under its belt. The new updates practically remove the few remaining limits to what can be scripted. Define any building component you like and receive full support for all market standards throughout the BIM process”, says Emil Augustsson, Product Evangelist at BIMobject.

The only restrictions to the user’s freely defined object values are the manufacturing options for the actual product. These custom parameters can be applied further in several intelligent processes to calculate, adapt, and create BIM objects based on the initially given information. The processes enrich the user’s workflow both through significant savings in time spent, and through the additional possibilities.

“Higher productivity is just the beginning. It’s a quantum leap in smart content development and gives vital structure and consistency to BIM objects from a Single Source of Truth. I can’t wait to see the large community of BIMscript developers explore new markets,” says Emil Augustsson.

The new features benefit doors and windows manufacturers in particular by giving them the tools to turn their products into parametric BIM objects, which is an option that previously did not exist in the solution. The updated version of BIMscript® remains free of charge to accredited BIMscript® developers.

BIMscript® automatically creates multiple parametric BIM formats and several static formats from a single source of development. This speeds up the development of multiple formats by 400% compared to traditional methods. The solution furthermore removes the need for multiple CAD/3D/BIM software purchases for development, as well as the need for expert knowledge in several systems, as the creation of native formats is carried out by the BIMobject® Cloud. Instant hosting, publishing, maintenance, and version handling make development processes secure and controllable.

BIMscript® is future-proof when new versions of BIM formats are published by software providers, since the BIMobject® Cloud can regenerate BIMscript® as a batch process. For static file formats created with BIMscript®, such as IFC, DWG, 3DS, and OBJ, BIMobject also provides a 3D-configurator. Users can configure the object in the BIMobject® Cloud and then download the resulting version of the product.

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