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Business Matching - the direct link between planning and sales

BIMobject, the world's leading platform for manufacturer-specific BIM content, is launching additional features to their powerful Business Matching Solution on 22 October 2019. These new features significantly simplify and optimize communication between BIM users and manufacturers.

A steadily growing number of building design and construction professionals - today there are already more than 1.5 million accumulated worldwide - are searching the BIMobject cloud specifically for BIM objects from more than 1,500 manufacturers, which they can download free of charge and integrate directly into their design. Of course, questions arise about individual products - be it availability and price, functionality and technical requirements, or the possibilities of individual configurations. This is where Business Matching comes in and optimizes communication between manufacturers and users.

The feature allows manufacturers to "match" business contacts by region. This means: If a designer searches for a manufacturer's product in the cloud, then a number of contacts from the manufacturer will be displayed on the product page with photos and contact details. The designer can then contact them directly and receive answers to their questions in the shortest and most direct way. The cumbersome and time-consuming search for the right contact person is no longer necessary. Business Matching thus improves the workflow in the design office and at the same time provides manufacturers with decisive advantages in direct customer communication and retention, right through to the acquisition of new customers. The new extended functions of Business Matching allow several contact people to be stored from sales people to technical support staff. Thus, for example, companies that do not sell their products themselves can list their reseller(s). This is also an additional function for companies that sell their products internationally but do not maintain their own branch offices in all countries. 

"BIM changes the cooperation and communication of all actors in the design and construction process. BIMobject´s objective is to revolutionize the flow of information and communication between manufacturers and designers. Business Matching decisively drives this development forward. A classic win-win in the continual digitalization of the construction industry," says Ben O’Donnell, BIMobject CTO.  

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