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Dominate digital content with BIMscript.

What’s the big deal about BIMscript? For starters, it’s designed to give you the power to do more. But to truly understand how it impacts content creation, let’s take a look at the current 3D modeling landscape. 

According to the 2019 National BIM Report on the Popularity of BIM by National Building Specification (NBS), Autodesk dominates the poll being used by 70% of respondents. Revit had 49%, AutoCad 14% and 10% use AutoCad LT. Other platforms in the survey include Graphisoft’s ARCHICAD, Trimble’s SketchUp and Bentley to name a few. 

Popularity of BIM
Source: National Building Specification, 2019.

One and done. 

As a Building Product Manufacturer (BPM), it makes sense to find a single platform with the most market share to create and publish your content. Developing multiple file types may require additional resources, extra costs and more time. None of which you have to spare. 

As a content developer, you may focus on learning all the latest software which could be cumbersome and take time away from actual development. Not to mention the costs associated with multiple software licenses. Plus, you’ll find that not everything in a file can be leveraged, resulting in duplication of what’s been done in a previous application. Not very effective or economical. 

Both of these scenarios result in user neglect. Those working in the less popular platforms would be starving for content and BPMs would be bypassing these neglected segments. But what if you could reach multiple segments without sourcing multiple platforms? 

Enter BIMscript.  

Now you can create digital content without being BIM system biased. BIMscript is an authoring software designed as a plugin for Rhinoceros. It leverages all the unique tools and performance features of Rhinoceros to model your content, but adds intelligence into the geometry through scripting. The language is created from C enabling the user to add parameters that can physically manipulate the models, change textures or even the actual configuration. Once the content is designed and the data has been added it gets beamed up to the BIMobject Cloud. Then the magic happens. 

As the Rhino/BIMscript file (now the source file) enters the Cloud, it gets processed by our file generation services. This will take the BIMscript code and reproduce 10 different file formats. It’s truly unique to BIMscript and separates BIMobject from other content development solutions. The different configurations include:

  • DWG (2D & 3D)—AutoCad (also used by Vectorworks)
  • RFA (TXT)—Revit
  • SKP—SketchUp
  • OBJ—Geometry definition file read by many 3D modeling applications
  • IFC—Industry Foundation Class—readable by many BIM systems
  • STL—3D format for CAM (3D printing, CNC) 
  • DXF—similar to DWG but in ASCI II format for wider compatibility with other CAD systems
  • FBX—Virtual/Augmented Reality 
File Formats

Flip the script. 

With a single platform you’re able to generate enough formats to address the majority of the software systems listed in National BIM Report. And those neglected segments seeking content, they’re now no longer neglected. But that’s not all! You can still create additional file formats as new file generation services are added. Simply submit your original source file into the Cloud and voila! No updates or revisions needed. 

All files are linked to an associated Product Page within the BIMobject Cloud. This connection point drives data from the Product Page to the model through various CAD apps without having to download a new model. More on Product Pages in our next blog. 

Depending on your skillset, you may need to learn everything there is to know about Rhinoceros and BIMscript. Or find someone who does. Even better, we can teach you. To become an accredited BIMscript developer click here. If you’re looking for a BIMscript accredited developer, drop us a line at and we’ll connect you with one. Best of luck with your BIM creation.   


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