Complete wall door section

A complete wall set contains of door frame profile combined with floor and ceiling profiles. When need for electrical installations combine with el-zone profile.

The door frame profile (Roca decibel RG-580) is despite its small size heavy duty performed to minimize movements, and together with sidelights makes a very stable wall portion. Side and over panel can be pushed into the full 15mm. The profile is prepared for sealing strip and assembly of a threshold. The door frame supplemented with mounting set RG-582 containing floor fittings, corner connectors and screws for hinges and strike plate. Suitable hinges for glass is RG-490, strikes RG-448 and lock fitting RG-441.

The floor, side and ceiling profiles (RG-502, RG-503) are simple and quick-fit profile for interior glass walls. The straight profile design eliminates the need to arrange the corners. The profiles are sold in lengths of 5200mm or 2600mm. Supplement with end plate RG-512, base rubber gasket RG-520 and gasket for the selected glass thickness (8 - 12.76 mm) RG-521.

The el-zone (RG-530) is a smart and flexible installation channel to get thru the wiring (lighting, outlet sockets, electric strikes, networks, etc.) when you are building a glass environment together with ROCA Decibel or as stand alone electricity zone.



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