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Marka: Siniat PL
Ürün ailesi: Siniat
Ürün grubu: Solution library
Yayınlanma tarihi: 2017-09-20
Sürüm: 1
Tip: Obje (Tekil Nesne)
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Plasterboards can be used to the construction of interior and exterior walls. They are of particular use in the repair of all types of buildings. The surface of the drywall is smooth and forms a perfect base for further finishing works. Plasterboards can be fixed to the wall with plasterboard adhesive or directly on the steel framework using steel partitions. By using plasterboard it is possible to increase the protection for fire resistance of the load-bearing walls of the building up to EI120 class. Building such constructions with an additional layer of mineral wool increases the acoustic and thermal insulation of the external walls.

The interior walls are used to separate the individual rooms in the building and, depending on their functions, they meet stringent requirements in terms of statics, acoustics and fire protection. Partition walls are mostly made of drywall systems of profiles with different width dimensions: 50, 75 or 100 mm with a single or double layer of plasterboard or cement board. The materials used to make partition walls have important properties, such as acoustic insulation, fire insulation and moisture resistance; they also must be easy to install and remove to ensure the highest comfort of the room.

Suspended ceilings function aesthetically, hiding installations or structural components of the ceiling above. They also create a fire resistant barrier and insulate the room acoustically and thermally. The sheathing of the ceiling construction is usually a 12.5 mm or 15 mm plasterboard. Special sound-absorbing ceilings use perforated plasterboards. The construction of a suspended ceiling grid consists of cold-formed sections installed in a single or double layered crossover. Suspended ceilings are hung on either rotary hangers with a spring and fixing rods or, in the case of fire protection ceilings, on nonius hangers or components for direct installation.

A casing systems of risers is used to hide all kinds of installations in a building. Due to the possibility of smoke or fire spreading to other levels of the building, the risers must be adequately protected. For this purpose, systems based on 12.5 mm, 15 mm, 20 mm or 25 mm plasterboards are used. The plasterboards are fixed to the intermediate support structure or directly to the walls and ceiling. The casing systems of risers using plasterboards help protect against the spread of fire to the EI 120 fire resistance class. An additional feature of these systems is possible acoustic protection from sounds coming from inside the shaft, caused for example by air flow, sanitation system or vibration of the installation.

Ana malzeme: Gypsum
İkincil malzeme: Steel
Tasarım yeri: Poland
Üretim yeri: Poland

BIMobject Kategorisi: Yapı - Diğer
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BIMobject SEEK Properties

Construction - Other

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Application Wall ; Ceiling ; Roof
Material Gypsum Plasterboard ; Steel




This property set allows objects to be COBie UK BIM Level 2 classified

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Material Gypsum Plasterboard ; Steel