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DE URSA Pure Floc KD cavity insulation 160 mm

Özgün ref.: DE_MAT_GLW_PUO_PF_KD_34_160_1
Marka: URSA
Ürün ailesi: URSA PURE ONE
Ürün grubu: Insulation
İle (mm): 1000
Yükseklik (mm): 1000
Derinlik (mm): 160
Yayınlanma tarihi: 2019-01-11
Sürüm: 1
Tip: Obje (Tekil Nesne)
indirme (3)
The URSA blow-in insulation combines the excellent technical properties of mineral wool with a fast and flexible processing. This provides a easy, safe and durable insulation solution. URSA blow-in insulation Pure Floc and Pure Floc KD stands for excellent thermal, sound and fire protection in one. Of course, with just two products, almost all application areas in new and old buildings can be insulated in a non-combustible way. URSA blow-in insulation can be processed quickly and safely with all common blowing-in machines.

URSA Pure Floc KD is additionally water-repellent and is used as core insulation to completely fill the cavity of double-shell masonry for external walls, e.g. cavity wall insulation (bulk density: 30-40 kg / m³). The product is very good thermal insulating, very good sound absorbing, non-flammable, absolutely settlement-safe and is material-saving and joint-free. Certified with RAL quality mark and certified with the Blue Angel "low emission".
Dimensions: 16.6 kg per bag

Ana malzeme: Mineral wool
İkincil malzeme:
Tasarım yeri: Germany
Üretim yeri: Germany
Net Ağırlık (Kg): 8.67

BIMobject Kategorisi: İnşaat Malzemeleri - Yalıtım
UNSPSC adı: Insulation
UNSPSC kodu: 3014
Uniclass 1.4 Kod: L6815
Uniclass 1.4 Tanım: Thermal insulation
Uniclass 2.0 Kod: PR-45-06-50
Uniclass 2.0 Tanım: Mineral Wool Insulation
Uniclass 2015 Kod: Pr_25_57_06_53
Uniclass 2015 Tanım: Mineral wool insulation
NBS Reference Kod: 45-06-50
NBS Reference Tanım: Mineral Wool Insulation
CSI MasterFormat 2014 Code: 07 21 00
CSI MasterFormat 2014 Title: Thermal Insulation
OmniClass Numarası: 23-13 25 19
OmniClass Başlığı: Thermal Insulation 
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  • Germany

BIMobject SEEK Properties

Building Materials - Insulation

İsim Değer
Application Insulation
Colour White
Flame Spread Index Euroclass A1
Installation Blow-in insulation
Material URSA Mineral Wool
Sheathing None
Size Thickness 160 mm
Thermal Insulance Lambda (design) = 0,034 W/(mK) / Lambda (calc.) = 0,035 W/(mK)
Thermal Resistance Rd=4,7 m²K/W
Thickness 160 mm
Vapour Permeability MU1
Water Barrier ≤ 1 kg/m2




This property set allows objects to be COBie UK BIM Level 2 classified

İsim Değer
Colour White
Material URSA Mineral Wool
Size Thickness 160 mm

System Family Properties


İsim Değer
M Fire Rating Euroclass A1
Permeability 1
R Value 4.7
Specific Heat 1030
λ-value 0.035


İsim Değer
M Fire Rating Euroclass A1
R Value 4.7
Thickness 160 mm
λ-value 0.035

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