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The Unlimited Rooflight (Fixed)

The Unlimited Rooflight (Fixed)

If you truly dream in daylight, The Unlimited One is the product for you. We take whatever span of daylight you wish to create and assemble a bespoke window combination or self-supporting rectangular or square units, cleverly aligned to create the greatest possible daylight solution for you. 

Try an Unlimited, bespoke rooflight for truly astonishing extensions and “hold the front page” hallway makeovers. Each individual module that makes up the full bespoke window span can be fitted with your choice of bespoke features for natural ventilation, insulation and more.

Key Benefits:

Each Unlimited One module comes in fully bespoke sizes to suit your space and style, from 250 mm to 3000 mm, with a max of 4m2 edge-to-edge view of the skies above

  • Our cleverly engineered male/female connector system allows you to combine an endless amount of modules
  • Freedom to combine fixed and vented modules
  • Superior energy efficiency, achieving an astonishingly low thermal transmittance of Uw of 1.1 W/(m2K), according to EN 14351-1 and with a 0.5 Ug value
  • Vario by VELUX rooflights come with a laminated inner glazing as standard, for superior safety in the unlikely case of breakage
  • Includes a 150 mm insulated wooden upstand

VELUX rooflight roof light skylight roofwindow roofwindows roof window roof windows lantern roof glazing

  • How to specify Vario by VELUX rooflights

    • Clear Internal - clear internal equals the daylight you get once the product is installed
    • Structural Opening - the structural opening (hole in the roof) has to be +30mm larger than the clear internal for both the width and length
    • External frame measurement - this measurement is +250mm larger than the clear internal for both the width and length

    Example of a Vario by VELUX rooflight with the clear internal measurement of 2000 x 1000. The structural opening/"the hole in the roof" is 2030 x 1030 and the external frame measurement is 2250 x 1250.

    Size - Fully customisable flat roof range

    • Fixed & Opening rooflights can freely be configured between 250mm to 3000mm, with the max clear internal of 4 sqm.
    • Walk-on rooflights can freely be configured between 250mm to 2000mm, with the max clear internal of 2 sqm. Larger edge cannot exceed more than 2000mm.
    • Each module of the Unlimited rooflight can freely be configured between 250mm to 3000mm, with the max clear internal of 4 sqm.
    • Round rooflights can freely be configured between ø900mm to ø1350mm

    Rooflight types:

    • Fixed, Opening, Walk-on, Walk-on with Anti-slip modular and Round
    • 2-layer & 3-layer glazing - all rooflights come with laminated inner pane
    • All rooflights come with an insulated wooden upstand (excluding Round)
    • Sun coating available
    • Rain Sensor included as standard


    • Internal upstand - unfinished timber to be finished with plaster board, meeting an aluminium trim, creating a seamless finish. (RAL9010, gloss 30)
    • External upstand surface - Waterproof plywood untreated
    • Frame surface - Aluminium frame (5mm) with a durable powder coating of either Jet Black (RAL9005, gloss 30) or Traffic grey (RAL7043, gloss 30)

    Find real-time prices and start your rooflight configuration -

    Technical values - find our glazing table with all our rooflight technical values under "Technical descriptions"

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  • Benzersiz ref.ufl_skylight
  • Ürün ailesiVario by VELUX
  • Ürün grubuUnlimited Rooflight
  • TipObje (Tekil Nesne)
  • Yayınlanma tarihi2020-06-12
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  • UNSPSC adıFixed skylights
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  • Uniclass 2015 koduPr_30_59_98_03
  • Uniclass 2015 açıklamasıAluminium frame roof window units
  • CSI MasterFormat 2014 kodu08 60 00
  • CSI MasterFormat 2014 başlığıRoof Windows and Skylights
  • OmniClass başlığıRoof Windows
  • OmniClass numarası23-17 13 23
  • CSI UniFormat II koduB3020
  • CSI UniFormat II başlığıRoof Openings

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