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Innovation, agility and digital: 3 words for NEOCLIN to perform

How did a young French company specialized in decorative panels and ceilings manage to establish itself on this market? Mr. Anthony Despeyroux, head of the NEOCLIN Design Office, looks back on this great adventure and how digital technology has helped NEOCLIN to grow!

Quality products together with values of flexibility and agility

NEOCLIN is a young company, created 5 years ago by Mr. Patrick Joyet, specialising in the design, manufacture and marketing of decorative panels with a clear path for façades of collective, social, industrial or commercial buildings and acoustic ceilings. The decorative elements of the clearway panels are wood strips, aluminium tubes or laminate strips.

Mr. Joyet, after a great many years experience in the industry, decided to found his own company after having patented an innovative "rack and pinion system". Today, the company is well established on the French market and employs 5 people. I am in charge of the design office. The company's agility and flexibility enable it to respond quickly to requests and thus win many private or public contracts for both new buildings and renovations.

NEOCLIN panels

New technologies are driving this young company.

Why has your company started a BIM approach?

"It's been a year now since we started this BIM approach. The aim was to find a new tool able to optimise the layout while offering a photorealistic rendering of our products before, and in the case of wood, after ageing. To do this, we created a library of textures for wood but also for the other materials we work with, and this library now includes several hundred textures » delcares Anthony. 

"Moreover, this has given us the opportunity to respond to projects that adopt this approach exclusively and which are increasingly numerous on the public market. Indeed, if our brand is specified from the beginning in the technical project, we will most likely be chosen. » 

During my studies, I was trained in BIM. When I joined NEOCLIN, I made my colleagues and Mr Joyet aware of the benefits of the approach. And right from the start, we won a BIM project because we were able to make a 3D rendering. Indeed, we developed a BIM library from ARCHLINE. We chose this software because it offers a LIVE add-on module that provides a more realistic rendering and it offers the ability to visualise products in virtual reality.


We both work and support 

  • architects in the design phase
  • and facade builders (waterproofers) as well as timber carpenters in the tendering or execution phase.

With regard to architects, this approach allows us to offer them personalised support further upstream in their projects. The aim is to provide architects with a simple fastening system and to work with them to design a product that is as close as possible to their needs. Then beyond that, to innovate by creating a product resulting from an architectural or artistic concept compatible with our system, such as the anamorphosis technique using digital printing. 

As far as facade builders and carpenters are concerned, this support also takes concrete form on the building sites, we follow and check how the panels have been installed. We advise the installers, particularly in complex projects, to answer all their questions and build their loyalty.

NEOCLIN products on BIMobject

Finally, our BIM approach improves communication and offers the possibility to better visualise the singular points of a project. Indeed, if the 3D plans are well executed, we experience fewer problems on the site. 

What BIM challenges do you face? 

The main challenge consists externally in making our library of 3D objects known and, more broadly, our ability to design 3D panels and work on BIM models. As far as internal challenges are concerned, we must first of all train our staff and gradually accustom them to working with new methods. At NEOCLIN, however, this is a challenge that we have been able to meet with a relatively young team that has evolved with this approach in its training organisations such as the IUT Génie Civil.

Make our BIM objects more easily available to specifiers with the BIMobject platform

We have decided to publish our BIM objects on the platform with the aim of gaining the recognition that BIMobject offers from the wide range of suppliers already present on the platform.

NEOCLIN Products on BIMobject

Architects can easily consult our products on the BIMobject platform 7 days a week. But also for the communication service offered by the platform.  The collaboration has only just started, but the communication service, which is one of the main reasons why we chose you, is very responsive and satisfying. 

What are your projects in BIM?  

We have two product ranges currently on the platform. One for façade and underside elements and a second for suspended ceiling elements, all in wood and aluminium. 

What do you think of the role played by BIM in the construction sector?  

It is an indispensable data exchange technique in complex architectural designs. How has your company benefited from working with BIM? We have been able to digitalise our product range and create a new business tool. This has facilitated exchanges with architects and construction companies. But it is also a valuable aid to shared design.

In conclusion

NEOCLIN is a young innovative company that has been able to adopt and use new technologies (digitalisation of products, BIM objects, 3D rendering, digital printing, virtual reality...) to enhance its performance and provide customer support. 

To find out more about NEOCLIN, visit the website

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