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Interview with Arch. Emanuele Cappetta

Give us a little information about yourself

I graduated with honors in 2018 in Architectural Design at the University of Florence. After a while I started a traineeship in Seville at the Equs Arquitectos studio. Back in Italy I decided to start a new training course attending the master’s degree in Building Information Modeling and Bim Manager, organized by the University of Pisa. During this period, thanks to the internships offered by the Master, I had the opportunity to get in touch with the cooperative Fabrica, with whom I currently collaborate. We are a close-knit group, able to give multidisciplinary answers thanks to our management of all design phases through technological and innovative tools (BIM).

Why did you join BIMobject?

Mainly for the wide availability of useful content to create a BIM model close to reality; for the possibility to use products of numerous brands, thus facilitating the direct thread that binds designers and companies; for the compatibility that many objects have with different softwares.

How do you use BIMobject?

In the early stages of a project, adding the model of a specific product allows the professional to realize whether the spaces created match the design idea that you want to communicate. In the final stages, having BIM content with high quality properties of specific brands improves the completeness of the information that the designer gives to the client.

How does the platform improve your business?

With no doubt having elements of each discipline that have been already modeled allows the designer to use more time to the design phase of the project.

What opportunities does BIMobject offer you and what effects do you get out of it?

The easiness in downloading and reloading 3D elements in the project is a plus for the designer, who can meet the needs of customers who often want different solutions and let them see directly in 3D how a space can be differently configured and how the style of a particular brand can be more or less suited to the required idea.

Explain how your business can get more sustainable with our platform.

Digitalisation enables companies and designers to collaborate with a zero-impact information exchange and greater transparency in data collection and consultation. This is a challenge required by the environment and everyone has got to do his own part even at work.

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