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"It is absolutely necessary to have a presence in BIMobject" - Ramon Soler®

Ramon Soler® is one of the most recognized brands in the faucet sector, with a history spanning more than 130 years and currently led by its fourth generation of the family. This consolidated trajectory is a clear reflection of its ability to adapt to the times and needs of the market, always respecting its sensitivity to design and quality, which is linked to constant technological advancement in order to provide the best product to customers.

After the launch of the brand on BIMobject, we spoke with Manel Lozano, Contract Manager of Ramon Soler®, to find out how BIM is helping them to expand their business.

The company

"At Ramon Soler® we like to say that we "create" taps, and not only manufacture, since the manufacturing concept is very banal. Creation involves much more, since it encompasses design, quality, sustainability, technology, which makes our products convey a unique perception to the user. All of this is possible thanks to a team of professionals in each of the departments and to clear guidelines, marked by the best qualities of a family tradition and with a current concept of the professionalism necessary in the international market in which Ramon Soler® has presence.

Ramon Soler® has a specific contract department since 2006, where attention to professionals, architects, designers or interior designers is the objective. Therefore BIM (Building Information Modeling) is an essential tool to be able to offer our products to professionals for the creation and management of construction projects, where the objective is to centralize all project information in a digital information model.

The use of BIM goes beyond the design phases, encompassing the execution of the project and extending throughout the life cycle of the building, allowing its management and reducing operating costs. BIM objects help to visualize and present the idea of the construction, as well as to create intelligent 3D models for the elaboration of the documentation of the work. They contain all planning-relevant product properties, details such as material, dimensions and performance.

We currently have a large number of BIM references, with the most important representation of our products, where our different models allow professionals to have Ramon Soler® for all types of projects. From the most exclusive, where we can provide hydrotherapy products with a differentiated and avant-garde design -and now also taps that are up-to-date due to their range of excellent quality finishes, such as matte black, brushed gold or brushed nickel-, to products more focused on more commercial promotions, always with standards unbeatable quality."

Why did you choose BIMobject

"As head of the contract department, and given the direct relationship with the professionals we have at Ramon Soler®, we consider that BIMobject is ideal to be able to contribute our digitization to the sector, since BIMobject is the platform most used by the best architects, designers and interior designers, and it is also international, which is a priority for us, since we work worldwide.

From Ramon Soler® being able to work with the best partners is essential for the dissemination of our products, and the improvement of our services. From our point of view, BIMobject is important to continue with the exponential growth that we have in the sector.

Digitization in the construction sector has been a great advance to allow a technical relationship between manufacturer and professional. It is also increasingly essential for different projects, such as public projects where without BIM it is not possible to take part in them, because as we have commented previously, BIM allows to manage all the project cycles, and later, its useful life.

For all this, for Ramon Soler® it is absolutely necessary to have a presence in BIMobject, to be able to constantly contribute new products to the platform and update ourselves at the rate that digitization advances, which is no longer the future but the present."

Discover Ramon Soler®'s product families here

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