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EST4 Cabinets and Chassis

EST4 Cabinets and Chassis

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EST4 has a wide selection of cabinet arrangements allowing the greatest use of EST4’s flexible modular design.

Cabinets support more interfaces and display modules than earlier systems, which means smaller or fewer cabinets need to be installed to provide the same display capacity. Cabinets also support optional mounting of Signature Series modules, which is another way to reduce the use of external cabinets.

Lobby enclosure wallboxes and doors are made from sturdy 14-gauge rolled steel. Wallboxes have a black baked enamel finish. Lobby enclosure doors feature a modern contoured door design and integral viewing windows. They come with bronze or red baked enamel finishes. The door designs and colors ensure that there is a match to system annunciators and battery cabinets for a consistent look throughout the facility.

Doors may be mounted as remote annunciators without the need to have large CAB enclosures behind. This allows larger equipment to be mounted remotely, minimizing wall penetrations in lobbies and public spaces, and removing the need to home-run all field wiring. The EST4 lobby enclosures backboxes, doors and chassis units are ordered and shipped separately for easy staging on project sites. With a variety of sizes available, customized installations offer the flexibility to support up to two color LCD touch screens, and LED and switch modules offering configurations of 576 5 color LED indicators, as well as 576 control switches along with microphone and firefighters’ telephone options

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  • Skupina výrobkůElectronics
  • Skupina produktůFire Detection, Monitoring and Alarm
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  • Klasifikace IFCAlarm
  • Kód ETIMEG000056
  • Název ETIMFire protection systems
  • Název UNSPSCFire alarm systems
  • Kód UNSPSC46191505
  • Kód Uniclass 2015Pr_75_75_30
  • Popis Uniclass 2015Fire alarm detection devices and control equipment
  • Kód CSI MasterFormat 201428 31 63
  • Název CSI MasterFormat 2014Fire Alarm Integrated Audio Visual Evacuation Systems
  • Číslo OmniClass23-29 31 13
  • Název OmniClassFire Alarm Control Panels
  • Kód CSI UniFormat IID40

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