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Genesis LED Outdoor Horn-Strobe

Genesis LED Outdoor Horn-Strobe

Genesis LED WG Series horn, strobe and horn-strobe appliances are among the most versatile emergency appliances of their kind. They are exceptionally capable as they are designed for outdoor wet applications with a NEMA 4X / IP66 UL listing1, and IP67Compliant2. Genesis LED WG appliances operate seamlessly in extreme temperatures, with a listed operating temperature range of as low as -40 °F to as high as 151 °F (-40 °C to 66 °C). These features make them suitable for a wide range of wet and harsh environments and applications, such as exposure to rain, snow, and sleet, and challenging conditions such as process areas.

Genesis LED WG Series feature a sleek low-profile design and offer energy-efficient technology that makes them less expensive to install and operate by reducing overhead. Genesis LED WG Series strobes feature high-efficiency optics, combined with patented electronics, to deliver a highly controlled and efficiently focused light distribution pattern in exchange for lower current requirements. Strobes have field-selectable 15 or 30 cd light output. They are precision-timed to meet UL 1971 synchronization standards. Candela settings are viewable even after installation through an innovative sealed viewport display.

Compared with Xenon-type strobes, High-Performance LED strobes require fewer power supplies, backup power, batteries, and often smaller wire gauge, which lightens conduit requirements. They are also backwards-compatible with legacy strobes, so there’s no need to replace all your existing devices to upgrade to new LED technology. In fact, Genesis LED WG Series strobes can be mixed on the same circuit and used in the same field of view as Xenon-based strobes. This makes Genesis LED WG Series ideal for new installations and retrofits alike.

Genesis LED WG Series appliances feature an efficient and powerful piezo sounder. Field-configurable sound output levels provide the flexibility modern life safety projects demand, while the Genesis LED control protocol keeps multiple strobes on compatible NAC circuits synchronized to well within NFPA 72 requirements.

They are available for mounting on the ceiling or the wall. They can be installed to recessed (in-the-pour/block) electrical boxes. Genesis LED WG notification appliances also mount to suitable surface boxes. Replaceable Cover skins are available with FIRE, ALERT, FEU/FIRE (French/English), FUEGO (Spanish), and no marking configurations.

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