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Auxiliary Power Supplies

Auxiliary Power Supplies

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The Auxiliary Power Supply (APS) is a UL 864, 9th Edition listed power supply. It is a 24 Vdc filtered-regulated, and supervised unit that can easily be configured to provide additional notification appliance circuits (NACs) or auxiliary power for Mass Notification/ Emergency Communication (MNEC), as well as life safety, security, and access control applications.

The APS contains the circuitry to monitor and charge internal or external batteries. Its steel enclosure has room for up to two 24 ampere-hour batteries. For access control-only applications, the APS can support batteries totaling up to 65 ampere-hours in an external enclosure. The APS has four Class B (convertible to two Class A) NACs. These can be activated in one or two groups from the APS’s unique dual input circuits. The APS has a doormounted AC power indicator LED.

The APS also has room for and can power a number of different modules. These can be Signature AA-30 or AA-50 dual-channel audio amplifiers, SIGA-UIO modules and/or SIGA-RELs. A MNBKRT3 can also be installed. This bracket can accommodate an MN-NETSW1 Ethernet network switch, an MN-FVPN VoIP module and a MN-COM1S Communications module.

The APS is available in 6.5 or 10 ampere models. Each output circuit is has a capacity of three amperes; total current draw cannot exceed the unit’s rating.
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  • Klasifikace IFCAlarm
  • Kód ETIMEC002685
  • Název ETIMCentral fire alarm system
  • Název UNSPSCAlarm systems
  • Kód UNSPSC46171604
  • Kód Uniclass 2015Pr_75_75_30_29
  • Popis Uniclass 2015Fire alarm panels
  • Kód CSI MasterFormat 201428 31 63
  • Název CSI MasterFormat 2014Fire Alarm Integrated Audio Visual Evacuation Systems
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  • Název OmniClassFire Alarm Control Panels
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