ROUZES  Removable Partition SUNSET - Range VENTURIROUZES  Removable Partition SUNSET - Range VENTURIROUZES  Removable Partition SUNSET - Range VENTURIROUZES  Removable Partition SUNSET - Range VENTURI
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ROUZES Removable Partition SUNSET - Range VENTURI

"The Sunset partition is a 80 mm thick glass partition on a lacquered aluminum frame. Sunset is composed of two independent facings. The base finishes can vary from melamine panel, laminate, lacquered steel, Ecrimur or coated plaster, it allows the integration of single or double glazing 6 to 12 mm thick, clear glazed, lacquered, integrated film or blind. The finish of the partition is ensured by flat lacquered joint cover, hollow or omega joint that will allow you to customize your projects. The aluminum frame allows the integration of aluminum door, laminate, "Clarit" or bi-flush
  • Aluminum: RAL optional
    Vitrage Float 
    Panel: Choice Plaster or Melamine

    Options: Velleda Panel, Tole Panel
    Possible installation Partition Railing

    Acoustic Performance: 36 dB to 40 dB

Technische Spezifikation
  • ReferenznummerSUNSET
  • ProduktfamilieSUNSET
  • ProduktgruppeSUNSET
  • TypMuster (Modell)
  • Veröffentlichungsdatum1918-07-19
  • Editionsnummer1
  • HauptmaterialAluminium
  • Sekundär MaterialGlas
  • Entwickelt inFrankreich
  • Hergestellt inFrankreich
  • BIMobject KategorieWände - Innen- und Trennwände
  • IFCClassificationWand
  • UNSPSCNamePanels or paneling
  • UNSPSCCode30161505
  • Uniclass1_4CodeJK30
  • Classifications.Uniclass1_4BeschreibungPanel partitions
  • Classifications.Uniclass2_0CodeSS-25-12-65
  • Classifications.Uniclass2_0BeschreibungPanel Partition Systems
  • Classifications.Uniclass2015CodeSs_25_12_65
  • Classifications.Uniclass2015BeschreibungPanel partition systems
  • NBSReferenceCode25-12-65
  • NBSReferenceBeschreibungPanel Partition Systems
  • OmniClassNummer23-13 33 27 11

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