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Snow Guards for Metal Exposed Fastener Roofing by Alpine SnowGuards

Alpine SnowGuards' snow management systems are essential for any metal roof that sheds snow onto important egress points. Snow and ice can avalanche off a sloped roof and pose a hazard to people and property below. Alpine SnowGuards' products hold the snow and ice in position on the roof, allowing it to melt and shed gradually, instead of all at once, preventing injuries to pedestrians and property damage. Installing snow guards on corrugated metal roofing can be tricky – with no seams to attach clamps to, the most important consideration needs to be in maintaining the integrity of your roof. Alpine SnowGuards has designed snow management solutions that penetrate the corrugated metal roof and attach to the wood decking. These products have special rubber grommets that prevent water from leaking into the roof decking and causing issues. Alpine offers powder coating options to match your roofing material.

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