In 1996 Armo changed its business name and became a Ltd with an augmentation of the share capital and the entering of new partners. In the same year, was introduced the first robotic soldering process with good results in terms of precision of the semi-finished and of certainty in the correct execution of the work.

Armo was the first company in Europe to adopt the robotic soldering in the production of lifting tables and dock levellers.

Since one of the main characteristics of a small – medium firm must be inevitable balance between flexibility and capability to adapt to new market situations, in 1997 from the ashes of Armo Service arose the ARCHI (Armo closing solutions), specialized in sectional doors’ production in Verona.

In 1999 Archi and Elcap were closed and sold to Armo, which absorbed them. In the same year a new project started, in order to completely renovate the production; this project also estimated the installation of six more robotic systems, that allowed:

total uniformity and high quality of semi finished and products
decisive reduction of times and scraps of processing
increased productivity and cut of the production costs
total removal of the typical faults resulting from a manual processing on a greater amount of products
control standards, and more accurate administration and reliability compared to the traditional manufacturing methods
full quality with no additional costs
This reorganization, which ended in 2001, led Armo to be at the cutting edge in the field and to receive proposals of purchasing from American and German multinationals, but the management decided to pursue independently.

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