Carel Industries

We lead the evolution of control technology and humidification for air conditioning and refrigeration.

Our products support customers with the most efficient energy savings solutions.

Data-driven services through our IoT platform grant personalised value.

We recognize environmental issues as a corporate priority
Francesco Nalini, CAREL Group CEO

Our mission of high efficiency solutions summarises the model that CAREL has adopted, both the starting point and the final objective that enclose the entire process, from conception to production and marketing of our systems. 
As an innovative consultant and technological partner, CAREL anticipates market requirements, proposing energy efficient solutions that guarantee the highest performance.
Continual improvement is our modus operandi, the process that allows us to achieve a certain standard without this ever representing a limit, rather progressively exceeding it and subsequently defining another at a higher level.
Research, innovation and technology are the keys to our success: for more than forty years, customer needs have been at the centre of our design work, so as to offer elements of differentiation in terms of both functions and appearance. 
The Group's strength lies in integration between different contexts; its overall vision, wide-ranging experience and skills allow us to go beyond the boundaries of individual products and represent a single partner capable of identifying integrated solutions.

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