EST4 Remote Annunciators


EST4 Remote Annunciators provide front panel system status and control functions located conveniently anywhere on the EST4 network. Annunciators can be as simple as a couple of LED indicator strips, or complex enough to support up to two LCD displays, an audio telephone interface, and hundreds of control points and indicators — all in a single enclosure.

Up to 576 tactile switches and 576 LED indicators may be mounted in a single EST4 annunciator cabinet. Control Display Modules (CDMs), comprise a column of programmable buttons accompanied by one or two LED indicator positions per button. Indicator-only modules hold up to 24 indicators. Switch and indicator module LEDs can be set to any of five colors, providing an additional level of feedback.

All remote annunciators feature color-matched cabinets and distinctive bronze doors for a readily-identifiable and consistent look throughout the facility.

Thanks to EST4's ingenious communications protocol, network data — as well as telephone and audio data — is carried on a single fiber optic cable or twisted wire pair. This multi-use capacity has an enormous cost-savings potential compared with conventional audio transmission, reducing not only installation costs, but also simplifying ongoing system maintenance. Slide-in LED and switch labeling makes it easy to incorporate right into the annunciator design such information aids as descriptive text, color-coding, icons, and local languages. For custom floorplans or facility maps, EST4 offers LED driver boards perfectly suited to operate in most graphic annunciators.

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