Gas hob with 5 burners

Electrolux gas stove Hob with 5 burners is an innovative choice to modernize your kitchen and optimize your cooking time.

This Hob provides you with 2 3KW fast burners and 3 semi fast 1,8KW burners to cook faster and better.

Its modern and slim tempered glass design features Triple Burner and harmoniously matches with most ovens bringing sophistication to your kitchen.

Removable buttons and sealed burners provide the Hob with safety and makes cleaning easier.

Powerful burners: Max power when cooking, with 2 3KW fast burners and 3 1,8KW semi fast burners.
Individual enamelled grids: keep your pans stable, for safety and to ease cleaning.
Modern design: premium finish that brings visual harmony to your kitchen.
Sealed Burners: Avoids dust from gathering inside the burners, making it safer and easier to clean.
Super automatic ignition: Fast, easy and safe ignition. Just turn it and it’s on.
Removable buttons: Safer and easier to handle.

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