Microwave Integrated Panel 31L

Choosing a microwave is always a challenge. There are many options in the market with several benefits. But none is more complete than the Electrolux MI41S microwave, with functions that make your life much more practical it still has an innovative and modern design, making your kitchen more charming.

Being mirrored, the Electrolux microwave gives a touch of class to the kitchen. Already the door, which when closed leaves only the most commonly used buttons, leaves the environment less polluted. In addition, its display is economical, just turning the display off function turns it off and your electricity bill does not increase.

When you want to know how to prepare microwave recipes just use the QR code function. Use your mobile phone to read the code recorded in the 31 liter microwave oven and then just check out the step-by-step recipe videos. You don't even need a notebook anymore. When the recipe is ready, you don't have to worry about the food getting cold. The keep warm function makes the dish warm as if it has just come out of the oven.

The microwave still has the advantage of additional menus. In the kids menu, you prepare children's favorite recipes such as popcorn, brigadeiro and mug cake. And on the day to day menu, those most used recipes like rice, pasta and lasagna. And don't worry about the mug cake smelling like popcorn cheese flavored. The Electrolux microwave has the Odor Strip function that minimizes odors inside the 31 liter microwave and always leaves it sanitized.

Safety and convenience
Exclusive key that allows you to lock the use of the device at any time. Ideal to prevent children or unauthorized persons from triggering it.

My plate key
With this unique option, you can program and store your favorite recipe in the memory of your device.

Portion key
This function allows you to select the exact amount of time for the food, enhancing its efficiency as it will determine the time needed to warm up your meal.

Easy clean function
Assists in cleaning the inside of the product and removing food stains and splashes.

By selecting the quick start option your microwave will start working 30 seconds automatically. Making it even easier if you are in a hurry and need to heat up some food quickly.

Mute Key
With this key you can mute the buttons on your microwave. Enough of that "beep". Hold the key for 4 seconds and the sound of the buttons will be muted.
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