Pro series built-in 34l black microwave

Electrolux Pro Series follows sophisticated design trends with lots of charm and style.

This product collection features elegance in every detail by using black glass, light gold details, white led touch panels that highlight craftsmanship.

For a good interior design, Pro Series represents the style you need.

The microwave has odor strip function, which eliminates the interference of odors from the oven in the kitchen. This benefit is provided by a system that allows the air to be recirculated inside.

Your meals will always be at the ideal temperature, as the keep warm function leaves your food at the appropriate temperature to serve at any time.

The Electrolux microwave offers many functions such as defrosting or gratin, it makes the preparation of those delicious recipes easier and your daily life much more tasty.

Grill: guarantees a perfect finish for your dishes.
Glass Touch panel with a blue LED, sophisticated and easy to use and clean.
Keep warm function, much more practical for your daily basis, as it keeps your dish warm after preparation.
10 Pre-programmed recipes, several options presented on the panel that help you prepare delicious dishes with the ideal time and power.
Odor removal function, eliminates odors left by food, with the recirculation of indoor air.
Easy Clean function, makes the cleaning process easier by using steam.

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