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Gypsum products
fermacell gypsum fibreboards for walls, ceilings and floors have been developed to the highest standards of German engineering. The boards have a simple homogeneous composition – recycled gypsum, cellulose fibres from post-consumer waste paper and water, no added chemicals. fermacell boards are fibre-reinforced throughout and therefore, extremely resilient and possess particularly good sound insulating properties. fermacell is a universally applicable material - as a straightforward building board, for fire protection purposes and in rooms where resistance to moisture is required. fermacell outperforms traditional dry-lining where other systems need multiple layers and separated studs to achieve similar impact, acoustic and fire ratings.

fermacell gypsum fibreboard was first developed in 1971 and since then has become the obvious choice across Europe for high-performance dry lining projects. Combining the strength of solid block work with the flexibility of dry lining, the acoustic, fire, moisture, impact and load hanging performance place fermacell in a category of its own.

Subsequent product development has created the fermacell flooring system and the fermacell Powerpanel cementitious board H2O and HD, all underpinned by the same passion for quality and well-engineeredsolutions as the original fermacell. 

The fermacell product range is manufactured in 5 factories, 3 in Germany and 1 in the Netherlands and in Spain. Fermacell products are manufactured from recycled materials and are tested and certified by the Cologne Eco Institute.

With sales operations across Europe and one in the Middle East, fermacell products are used in construction projects from Aberdeen to Sicily and from Madrid to Warsaw. UK and international case studies demonstrate that construction industry professionals across Europe understand and value fermacell as the “ultimate building board”.

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